What do you want to see in the sequel?

So... I have started working on a sequel to Into the Zone. Working title : Escape the Zone. It's about a stalker walking aimlessly through the Zone and realizing they have lost a huge chunk of their memories. They can't recall the reason of their presence in the Exclusion Zone and what they've done in the last few hours... As you progress through the many dangers in your way (Anomalies, monstrosities and enemies), you will also have to piece together the events that occur during your blackout.

Is that something you'd be interested in playing? What would you want to see in a sequel to Into the Zone?

Please share your ideas, I'm really looking forward having your input!

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You've already seen something I'd like to see in the sequel in my review, which basically comes down to: more!

Maybe add a weather system? Weather in the zone could prove to be very mercurial, and punishing.

One of the systems that was removed from the first STALKER video game, and then put back in by modders, was a regular occurring sort of blowout/emission - like a huge storm, which would instantly kill you, and you had a short time to find some cover. Added a bit of panic, to the game.

Maybe you could find a place for something like that?

Maybe have a lethal creature hunting the player, on a bad roll it shows up and has to be fought long enough to be able to escape to a next zone? Now I'm just thinking out loud.. :P

The emission mechanic is definitely something I was planning on adding to the game! I have something to finish for october 31st then I'm going back to Escape the Zone. Thank you for your suggestion!