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YOU ARE A STALKER ...an outlaw scavenger making their living by entering Exclusion Zones and bringing back powerful Relics on behalf of collectors, scientists and paramilitary factions. Very few enter the Zones and live to tell the tale. Between Space-Time Anomalies, the radiation, the mutated monstrosities roaming around and the rival stalkers, Death lurks at every corner.


Buy Now$2.00 CAD or more

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Thank you for this game. It was the first solo RGP I played. I started my interest in the TTRPGs early this year and after digging on YouTube, reading on Reddit and google-ing some concepts... I found Into the Zone. The game helped me to understand the basic mechanics of polyhedric dice; it gave me an eye-opening experienc with a character sheet, stats, and attributes.

Wow! That's a very cool story. I'm glad that I introduced you to solo RPG! It's a whole world to explorer and of course a passion of mine.  :)

I’m so connected with that topic now that I made a contribution with a character g-sheet. my first one in this life adventure 😅. Thanks again.

I know, I just saw it! It looks awesome. I will share it and use in my own game for sure! Great job!


The Lone Adventurer has made a video review of my game:

Bonjour Martin : avez-vous une version en français?

Bonne continuation !

Pas encore! C'est un projet pour l'avenir par contre. 


Added your game to Goodreads, and scribbled a review there. Looking forward to the sequel! :)



Thanks, that is very generous of you!

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I actually think I will change the word relic for artifact in the second game. As for length, it was made for One-Page RPG Jam so... there you go. Next one will probably be longer.  :)

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Great solid solo game!  The theme/setting was something I was looking for so I couldn’t purchase it quick enough.  Nice integration of different mechanics, a great variety of encounters and loot, and most important: low chance of survival!  You’ve got something here - I’m looking forward to expansions if you decide to.  The post-apocalypse should be this fun!

Hey Mr.Hand! So glad you're enjoying the game! I definitely plan on adding to the game some time. Maybe I'll write an extended version, an expansion or a different one using the same universe and system. Thank you for your kind words!

I really enjoy this one! Plays quick but plenty of variety. Nice challenge as well.


Thank you for the feedback, really appreciate it. It's not impossible that I come up with a longer version in the future...